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Written by on March 1st, 2016

What is Micro Fashion?

It’s an idea that sprang out of a Brainstorming session at the studio a few months ago. We were talking about our latest obsessions on Pinterest, and Haley said how much she loved seeing the little kids wearing trendy clothes and striking cute poses. Photographing kids is nothing new for us. We photograph them with their families, with siblings, and alone. We photograph them with the pond and gazebo and, in a “Just 4 Fun” appointment, with bunnies and watermelons.

At the same time, though, we were successfully photographing high school seniors looking really fashionable in their trendy clothes. So, when Haley mentioned kids sporting fashionable clothes, I made the connection and Micro Fashion was born.

In keeping with the theme of our business, we always want to provide simple, yet memorable portraiture, but at the same time, make it a little edgy. In the magazines and on the internet, kids wore harem pants and fedoras. As it were, though, our boutiques in Nacogdoches don’t have much in the way of urban wear for children. Also giving us some issues, the photos’ locales were streets lined with fashionable shops and famous street corners in New York City or the beach or surf shops of L.A. We would use the brick streets of downtown Nacogdoches.

What Nacogdoches does have…the main ingredient to making this work was cute, adorable kids! When it came time to market our first Micro Fashion appointments, we decided to call them “auditions,” as we’d not ever photographed this way before and had no images to share. It’s hard sharing an idea that’s not quite concrete with other people and expect them to jump on board. So, it was really affirming to us that people began booking appointments. When they arrived for their audition, we were thrilled to find kids that were so excited to be a “model.” And, to give the “momagers” their due, they were definitely “swagged” out!

If you’re kicking yourself for missing the last round of Micro Fashion auditions, no worries. We’re doing it again May 12 and 13. Check out more microFashion on our Pinterest page.


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