Portraits Make Great Gifts Clients are "tickled pink" by portraits

Written by on December 20th, 2015
Portrait by G Patterson Photographic Studio on display in Center, Texas home.

Portrait by G Patterson Photographic Studio on display in Center, Texas home.

Our clients were “tickled pink” when they put the portrait on the wall and saw the results! That’s the exact response we want, and after all the steps we take to ensure you get exactly what you want, we’ve come to expect it! It’s no accident when it all “comes together,” because there is a process in place. One, that over time, we’ve developed.

The Patterson Process on capturing the perfect Portrait

It starts with a consultation, either in person or over the phone, where the client tells us what they want from their experience. And, mind you, by the time you leave the studio portrait in hand, you’ll understand it’s been a worthwhile experience. When we get to know a little about you, and you us, there’s an element of ease during your portrait session that makes for more natural poses and smiles. As they say, “The camera loves it,” and the finished product is a beautiful thing!

By this time, we’ve spent time with you on two different occasions, and so to call what we do next “The Big Show,” is a good interpretation. We’ve prepared your images in just such a way, that when you see them,  you’ll be “wowed!” We want the show to be BIG, because we’d like for everyone who was photographed, and than some, to come and see them. The show is never as mundane as “picking and choosing.” It’s more like, “This one is great for Nana!” and “She’ll love that one for her office!” We even put our design skills to use to put together some collages you might like! There’s fun and laughter, and sometimes some tears, but that’s only because you realize how much the’ve grown.

After a couple more weeks, after processing, ordering, inspecting for quality, framing and packaging, you receive the call that it’s ready for you to come by and take it home. The whole process usually takes no more than a month, but it’s a month well spent, especially when you hang it on the wall, and you’re “tickled pink!”

You can read more about the Patterson Process on our website.

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