Shop Small Saturday Why you should shop Nacogdoches this Saturday

Written by on November 27th, 2015
Shop Small 2015 at G Patterson Studio and other downtown Nacogdoches businesses.

Shop Small 2015 at G Patterson Studio and other downtown Nacogdoches businesses.

Yes, it has the word in the title, but this event is anything but small. It’s a real opportunity for each of us to help the economy grow in Nacogdoches. Have you ever wanted more businesses or restaurants in Nacogdoches? We must frequent those already here; for a company to locate here, they want to see that other like businesses and restaurants are doing well. Still not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons to shop Nacogdoches this holiday season.


  1. It’s convenient! Why spend half your day driving when, instead, you could spend all that time shopping?
    Save on gas! Although gas prices are down, what you can save in gas money could be spent eating out at a nice restaurant.
    2. Lots of shops. The person who says they can’t find anything in Nacogdoches hasn’t seen everything, I would think. Before you go on your next shopping venture, plan to go at least one place you’ve never been. Try www.business.nacogdoches.org to do a search of the items for which you’re looking.
    3. Less crowds. When you stay in Nacogdoches to shop small, you probably won’t battle long lines at the check out, and you certainly won’t have miles to walk to find where you parked your car.
    4. Ease of driving. Traffic around shopping malls in the big cities is horrible during the holidays. Why subject yourself to that when you can take a leisurely stroll through downtown Nacogdoches while shopping.
    5. See your friends! When you shop small in Nacogdoches, chances are you’ll bump elbows with people you know which makes for a really nice shopping trip.
    6. Discounts, discounts, discounts! Shopping downtown this Saturday pays! Visit stores that participate in Small Business Saturday for incentives when you purchase. We will be offering Double Dollars. Spend $75 on gift cards and we will double it! (See studio for details or visit http://www.gregpatterson.com/shopsmall2015.html)

You can, also, participate in Wassail Fest from 11-4pm that same day! Taste wassail at participating downtown businesses and pick your favorite, us of course!

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