The Newest Gift Shop in Nac House of Photography {Gifts + Photos + Classes}

Written by on November 2nd, 2018
House of Photography {Gifts + Photos + Classes}

A Year of Change We get a lot of questions these days about the changes we’ve made at the studio. One is, “Why would you want to change the name of your business from G Patterson Photography Studio to House of Photography?” and “What is this I hear about you selling gifts?” or “You can [click title to read more ;)]

New Mexico, Land of Enchantment Photography while backpacking and traveling

Written by on August 3rd, 2017

Okay, so Greg and I traveled to New Mexico last week for a backpacking trip in the mountains…well, and to sample the awesome cuisine! It’s in the name, right? New MEXICO? Who knew driving just one state over could take as long as it would’ve taken to get to Florida if we’d gone in the opposite direction. [click title to read more ;)]

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful It takes all of us

Written by on July 3rd, 2017
G Patterson Studio owners and volunteers pose with Katie Blevins in recognition of the Nacogdocehes Landscape Leadership Award. (Photo courtesy Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce)

It’s been three years since we visited Park Cities, Utah. In my mind, it’s a city that will always be synonymous with beautiful. Besides its terraced landscape and grandiose vistas, it was clean. I don’t just mean absent of trash on the roadways, but attention-to-detail clean. We’re talking yards mowed, hedges clipped and roads swept. [click title to read more ;)]

One great afternoon in Nacogdoches on a not so rainy afternoon

Written by on April 29th, 2015

HALPIN FAMILY-This weekend we met with two families we hadn’t seen for a few years. They’d each been a part of Nacogdoches for different reasons. The Halpins came, as many do, to SFA to further their studies. In fact, both Michael and April were students of Greg’s in the Communications Dept. They asked Greg to [click title to read more ;)]

About a boy

Written by on July 2nd, 2014
Nathan Patterson sits in the shelter of a rock.

No, this isn’t a movie review; it’s about my son. He’s at camp this week, and, boy, was I looking forward to some time away from him. I had become fed up with putting up with his “teenagerness.” I know that’s not a word, but every parent with a teenager knows that’s synonymous with lazy, [click title to read more ;)]

Disney World Magic Making family memories at the "Happiest Place on Earth"

Written by on June 30th, 2014
Magical family memories made with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

My family recently got back from a FANTASTICAL trip to Disney World.  We were able to enjoy seven magical days of Disney parks despite it being Florida’s rainiest month.  (About that… When the rains come, you can either get upset or you can act like a kid just playing in the rain and splashing in [click title to read more ;)]

Stretching your LIFE 3 Tips encourage a LIFE with purpose

Written by on June 27th, 2014

My Friday started with a visit to a physical therapist as I have been having pain in my right shoulder. Max, my PT described how a slight injury can result in so much pain and tightening of everything that is needed to make the shoulder work as it should. The process of getting it back into shape involves routine heating, stretching and cooling. If you have ever gone through this process, you know the stretching process can be quite uncomfortable and downright painful.

Texas Celebrates Independence Local Boy Scouts of America ring Old University Bell during celebration.

Written by on March 3rd, 2014

I enjoyed documenting the celebration of Texas’ 178th independence this past Sunday, March 2, 2014. The celebration took place in the Old University Building located just west of Mound street on the campus of TJR elementary school. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), mayor Roger Van Horn and others were there to organize, [click title to read more ;)]

Nacogdoches Snow Day Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Written by on January 24th, 2014
Solo tree just outside of Douglass Texas along the el camino real de los tejas .

Images of Nacogdoches Snow Day, January 24, 2014 by certified professional photographer Greg Patterson.