Photographer Needed The Happy Couple

Written by on September 22nd, 2014

When people find out that our oldest, Jessica, is getting married, invariably one of the questions they ask is, “Who’s going to be the photographer?” Her father will be walking her down the aisle, after all. But, before we ever get to that point, Greg’s been able to do for her what he’s done for [click title to read more ;)]

So, What Have We Lost?

Written by on August 28th, 2014

While perusing new book titles on Amazon I saw one that caught my attention. What could a book titled “The End of Absence” be about? I wondered. The first thing I thought of was that the opposite of absent is present, right? So, was this another self-improvement book about how to stay present? I didn’t need [click title to read more ;)]

School Picture Day Not your Grandmother's school pictures

Written by on August 15th, 2014
Bicentennial year

Traditionally, school pictures were synonymous for “the worst picture I ever took…ever!”  I don’t know if we cringed more at the creepy guy in the leisure suit behind the camera or when we received our school pictures a few weeks later. But, times have changed and so has picture day.  So said a recent high school [click title to read more ;)]

A tribute because we couldn't have done it without you!

Written by on April 17th, 2014
Memories of those whose help we couldn't do without.

Looking at these pictures from ten years ago, reminds us of how thankful we are for the help we had relocating to our present location. It was a big undertaking and we, more than anyone else, doubted that we could. But, we couldn’t have even considered it had we not had a lot of support. [click title to read more ;)]

A senior’s final semester: The fastest five months of your life {Nacogdoches senior portraits}

Written by on January 8th, 2014

After Christmas, one of two things generally happens to a senior.  They either get busy or they get lazy (senior-itis).  The first group tends to be on a mad hunt for scholarships and extra-curricular activities as they submit college applications.  The other tends to sit back and coast and let the chips fall where they [click title to read more ;)]