Bah, humbug! When shopping becomes a chore

Written by on December 22nd, 2016

It’s not that I don’t like the Christmas season, I’d rather focus on the Christmas reason, you know, the why we do all of this. I’ve had the Christmases that were perfect, with everyone unwrapping all that they asked for, the cooked-to-perfection meal for twenty, and the decorations that could make the spread in “Home and Gardens.” All [click title to read more ;)]

Shop Small Saturday Why you should shop Nacogdoches this Saturday

Written by on November 27th, 2015
Shop Small 2015 at G Patterson Studio and other downtown Nacogdoches businesses.

Yes, it has the word in the title, but this event is anything but small. It’s a real opportunity for each of us to help the economy grow in Nacogdoches. Have you ever wanted more businesses or restaurants in Nacogdoches? We must frequent those already here; for a company to locate here, they want to see [click title to read more ;)]

Is it Christmas, Already? How quickly time flies

Written by on July 21st, 2014
Portrait of sweet family of five taken by Greg Patterson

Before you start decking the halls and hanging ice sickle lights, no it’s not already Christmas… but it sure feels that way.  Time has a way of zipping past us. Back in October of 2013, my family first started planning our Disney World trip to be taken eight months later in June of 2014.  Last [click title to read more ;)]