Fall Fashion What to wear this fall for pictures

Written by on November 18th, 2015

Fall Portrait Clothing Tips from Photographer Greg PattersonFor those of us living in the south, fall means pumpkins, football and family time…much like anywhere else. But, what else we have that they don’t is moderate temperatures which are great for getting in touch with the outdoors once again. Let’s face it, once the long, hot summer is over, we’re tired of being cooped up inside with the a/c. We practically kill for a reason to step away from our desks and breathe in some brisk, humidity-free air.

The all-important questions becomes, “What do I wear when I’m outside seeing and being seen?” In a season where the days’ temps change drastically, really, anything goes. One word of caution would be you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when it’s cold. How about wearing layers instead of a bulky coat? For instance, pair a turtleneck with a scarf instead of a cable knit sweater? Guys can wear a blazer instead of a heavy jacket. Wearing a vest and tie for a picture will give you a classy yet casual look.

Okay, so you can’t compromise comfort for looking good? A puffer jacket only looks wrong in a picture if you’re wearing big clothing from head to toe? What about pairing a coat with skinny jeans, or jeans that aren’t too loose fitting? That way you’ll still see some of your shape. Actually, this is really cute! Why not take a look at some of my favorite pins?

Fall Colors to keep in Mind for Family Portraits

Some colors to keep in mind for fall are mustard, slate blue, burgundy, sage, marsala, turquoise, olive green or teal. And, one of my favorites?…orange. It’s not a color easily worn other times of the year! If you’re family’s having pictures taken and you’re afraid of splashing too much or too many different colors, how about a splash of a brighter color on a scarf or beanie or on a tie or the shoes your child would wear?

There are so many options, the name of the game is to just have fun! And, if picture-taking is stressing you out? Remember, those worry lines on your face can look far worse than a couple of extra pounds on the waist. It’s better to just go with it!

Free Consultation with a Professional

One of the benefits of scheduling with a true professional is being able to meet and talk about your session prior to the session. We LOVE when clients come in for our FREE no obligation consultation and we can certainly guide you in what to wear for fall family pictures. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet potential clients while answering questions and showing off everything we have to offer a G Patterson Photographic Studio & Gallery.

Interested in a fall family portrait just in time for Christmas? Give us a call at 936-569-7116 or checkout some more of our work on our website, Pinterest or Facebook.

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