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Written by on June 24th, 2014
The Middlebrook Family plays instruments for their family portraits by Greg Patterson.

The Middlebrook Family plays instruments for their family portraits by Greg Patterson.

Amy Middlebrook is sure to be one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  Her nature is pure and genuine, and she is a delight to be near.  So when she called and asked Greg to capture photos of her family, we jumped at the opportunity.

Like with our other clients, we first asked Amy if there was something in particular she had in mind for the portrait.  She mentioned that her family was musical and enjoyed getting together from time to time to just strum a little.  Could we photograph something that captured this aspect of her family?  Of course the answer was “yes,” and the wheels in Greg’s imagination begin to turn.

The morning of her session, we gathered onto the porch of the Hardeman House, just around the corner from our studio, eager to see what musical moments we could create.  What followed was such an emotionally and spiritually stirring event.  George and Amy kicked it off, softly playing the guitar and mandolin and adding in some vocal harmony.  Their son delicately joined in on the ukulele.  Soon the street was echoing with their rising voices.  They were singing to God.  The sound was tender, yet powerful.  It was heartwarming to notice each of the little smiles, nods and quick glances they gave one another.  To hear this sweet family that morning was incredibly uplifting and wonderful to experience.  To see them relate to each other the way they did was quite moving.

Usually we are the ones trying to provide the memorable experience for our clients.  But on that day, we were treated.  Every time I see the beautiful portraits of Amy’s family, I will be reminded of how I felt that special morning.  It was only 30 minutes, but I will carry that memory with me for years… and I am thankful.

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